Faceter Member List
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avoid_facet(FaceterPointData *curr_faceter_data, DLIList< FaceterPointData * > &order_list)Faceter [private]
avoidedOverlapFaceter [private]
facet_factory(FaceterPointData *curr_faceter_data, CubitFacet *&new_facet, DLIList< FaceterPointData * > &order_list)Faceter [private]
facet_loop(DLIList< CubitPoint * > *loop_ptr, DLIList< CubitFacet * > &results)Faceter [private]
facet_surface(DLIList< CubitFacet * > &results, DLIList< CubitPoint * > &point_list)Faceter
Faceter(RefFace *face)Faceter
get_boundary_points(DLIList< DLIList< CubitPoint * > * > &boundary_point_loops) const Faceter [private]
get_curve_facets(RefEdge *curve, DLIList< CubitPoint * > &segments) const Faceter [private]
globalPointListFaceter [private]
gridCellScaleFaceter [private]
gridSearchPtrFaceter [private]
interior_angle(DLIList< CubitPoint * > *loop_ptr, double &my_angle)Faceter [private]
max_min_edge_ratio(DLIList< DLIList< CubitPoint * > * > &boundary_point_loops, double &ratio, double &cell_size)Faceter [private]
thisRefFacePtrFaceter [private]
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