MeshKit  1.0
CPincell Member List
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CPincell(const CPincell &)CPincell
GetCellMat(CVector< double > &dZStart, CVector< double > &dZEnd, CVector< std::string > &szVCellMat)CPincell
GetCellMatSize(int &nSize)CPincell
GetCellType(int nCyl, int &nType)CPincell
GetCylMat(int nCyl, CVector< std::string > &)CPincell
GetCylPos(int nCyl, CVector< double > &)CPincell
GetCylRadii(int nCyl, CVector< double > &)CPincell
GetCylSizes(int nCyl, int &nRadii)CPincell
GetCylZPos(int nCyl, CVector< double > &)CPincell
GetIntersectFlag(int &nIFlag)CPincell
GetLineOne(std::string &szVolId, std::string &szVolAlias, int &nInputLines)CPincell
GetMat(CVector< std::string > &szVMatName, CVector< std::string > &szVMatAlias)CPincell
GetMatArray(int &nMaterials)CPincell
GetNumCyl(int &nCyl)CPincell
GetNumCyl(const int &nCyl)CPincell
GetPitch(double &dFlatF, double &dZL)CPincell
GetPitch(double &dPX, double &dPY, double &dPZ)CPincell
m_dFlatFCPincell [private]
m_dPXCPincell [private]
m_dPYCPincell [private]
m_dPZCPincell [private]
m_dVZEndCPincell [private]
m_dVZStartCPincell [private]
m_dZLCPincell [private]
m_nIFlagCPincell [private]
m_nInputLinesCPincell [private]
m_nMaterialsCPincell [private]
m_nNumCylCPincell [private]
m_szVCellMatCPincell [private]
m_szVMatAliasCPincell [private]
m_szVMatNameCPincell [private]
m_szVolAliasCPincell [private]
m_szVolIdCPincell [private]
m_VCylCPincell [private]
SetCellMat(CVector< double > dZStart, CVector< double > dZEnd, CVector< std::string > szVCellMat)CPincell
SetCellMatSize(int nSize)CPincell
SetCellType(int nCyl, int nType)CPincell
SetCylMat(int nCyl, CVector< std::string >)CPincell
SetCylPos(int nCyl, CVector< double >)CPincell
SetCylRadii(int nCyl, CVector< double >)CPincell
SetCylSizes(int nCyl, int nRadii)CPincell
SetCylZPos(int nCyl, CVector< double >)CPincell
SetIntersectFlag(int nIFlag)CPincell
SetLineOne(std::string szVolId, std::string szVolAlias, int nInputLines)CPincell
SetMat(CVector< std::string > szVMatName, CVector< std::string > szVMatAlias)CPincell
SetMatArray(int nMaterials)CPincell
SetNumCyl(const int nCyl)CPincell
SetPitch(double dFlatF, double dZL)CPincell
SetPitch(double dPX, double dPY, double dPZ)CPincell
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