MeshKit  1.0
Plane Member List
This is the complete list of members for Plane, including all inherited members.
calcFrom(const Vec3 &p, const Vec3 &q, const Vec3 &r)Plane
calcFrom(const array< Vec3 > &)Plane
coeffs(double *a, double *b, double *c, double *dd) const Plane [inline]
coeffs() const Plane [inline]
dPlane [private]
distTo(const Vec3 &p) const Plane [inline]
isValid() const Plane [inline]
markInvalid()Plane [inline]
nPlane [private]
normal() const Plane [inline]
Plane()Plane [inline]
Plane(const Vec3 &p, const Vec3 &q, const Vec3 &r)Plane [inline]
Plane(const array< Vec3 > &verts)Plane [inline]
Plane(const Plane &p)Plane [inline]
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