MTk Installation

Please contact if you have problems installing MTk. This document is also available online at

Installation Outline

Obtain MTk Software

The MTk software is available at

Obtain Prerequisite Software

The MTk requires the following software.

Copies of perl and the module tarfiles downloaded at the time the current MTk was built are also available in for your convenience.

Install Prerequisite Software

Install mSQL according to its documentation. A copy of the mSQL README is reproduced here.

Install perl. Notes on the installation of Perl itself are available at

Install the modules. I recommend installing into the default location (the perl site-specific library). Each module has a README file with installation instructions. For ease in reference, I've reproduced them here as web links. I also recommend installing in this order.

Create a database. The MTk installation test script verifies that the database used for MTk is accessible. Therefore, it is best to create the database before the MTk installation is performed. With the default mSQL configuration, one can create a database using the command

msqladmin create MTk

This creates a database named ``MTk''. Later, the MTk installation will use this database name in its configuration.

Install MTk

MTk itself is a perl module, and as such installs in the same manner as the modules above. It requires some configuration of its Makefile.PL, however. Each location requiring user configuration is marked with a comment

# User Configuration:

Modify the Makefile.PL as directed by the comments.

Install MTk by running the commands

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

Configure a Repository

Run the command


to initialize an empty repository. It will require the following information:

For more information...

See the RIB homepage at

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