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HoSlavedMesh Class Reference
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Public Types

typedef std::map
< Mesh::VertexHandle, bool > 

Public Member Functions

 HoSlavedMesh (Mesh *real_mesh, SMap &slaved)
virtual void vertices_get_slaved_flag (const VertexHandle vert_array[], std::vector< bool > &slaved_flag_array, size_t num_vtx, MsqError &err)

Private Attributes

SMap slavedVerts

Detailed Description

create a wrapper around the real mesh that returns what we want from vertices_get_slaved_flag.

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map< Mesh::VertexHandle, bool > HoSlavedMesh::SMap

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HoSlavedMesh::HoSlavedMesh ( Mesh real_mesh,
SMap slaved 
) [inline]

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: MeshDecorator( real_mesh ), slavedVerts( slaved ) {}

Member Function Documentation

void HoSlavedMesh::vertices_get_slaved_flag ( const VertexHandle  vert_array[],
std::vector< bool > &  slaved_flag_array,
size_t  num_vtx,
MsqError err 
) [virtual]

Returns true or false, indicating whether the vertex is a higher-order node that should be slaved to the logical mid-point of the element side it lies on or not, respectively.

Note: This function will never be called unless this behavior is requested by calling: InstructionQueue::set_slaved_ho_node_mode( Settings::SLAVE_FLAG )

Reimplemented from MBMesquite::MeshDecorator.

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    slaved_flag_array.resize( num_vtx );
    for( size_t i = 0; i < num_vtx; ++i )
        SMap::iterator j     = slavedVerts.find( vert_array[i] );
        slaved_flag_array[i] = ( j != slavedVerts.end() ) && j->second;

Member Data Documentation

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