MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
Matrix3D.hpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <cstdlib>
#include "Mesquite.hpp"
#include "Vector3D.hpp"
#include "SymMatrix3D.hpp"
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class  MBMesquite::Matrix3D
 3*3 Matric class, row-oriented, 0-based [i][j] indexing. More...


namespace  MBMesquite

Implements the NonSmoothDescent class member functions.


std::ostream & MBMesquite::operator<< (std::ostream &s, const Matrix3D &A)
std::istream & MBMesquite::operator>> (std::istream &s, Matrix3D &A)
bool MBMesquite::operator== (const Matrix3D &lhs, const Matrix3D &rhs)
bool MBMesquite::operator!= (const Matrix3D &lhs, const Matrix3D &rhs)
Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator- (const Matrix3D &A)
const Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator+ (const Matrix3D &A, const Matrix3D &B)
Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator+ (const Matrix3D &A, const SymMatrix3D &B)
Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator+ (const SymMatrix3D &B, const Matrix3D &A)
const Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator- (const Matrix3D &A, const Matrix3D &B)
Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator- (const Matrix3D &A, const SymMatrix3D &B)
Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator- (const SymMatrix3D &B, const Matrix3D &A)
const Matrix3D MBMesquite::mult_element (const Matrix3D &A, const Matrix3D &B)
 Multiplies entry by entry. This is NOT a matrix multiplication.
double MBMesquite::Frobenius_2 (const Matrix3D &A)
 Return the square of the Frobenius norm of A, i.e. sum (diag (A' * A))
Matrix3D MBMesquite::transpose (const Matrix3D &A)
Matrix3D MBMesquite::plus_transpose (const Matrix3D &A, const Matrix3D &B)
 \( + B^T \)
const Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator* (const Matrix3D &A, const Matrix3D &B)
const Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator* (const Matrix3D &A, const SymMatrix3D &B)
const Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator* (const SymMatrix3D &B, const Matrix3D &A)
const Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator* (const SymMatrix3D &a, const SymMatrix3D &b)
const Matrix3D MBMesquite::operator* (double s, const Matrix3D &A)
void MBMesquite::matmult (Matrix3D &C, const Matrix3D &A, const Matrix3D &B)
 \( C = A \times B \)
const Vector3D MBMesquite::operator* (const Matrix3D &A, const Vector3D &x)
 Computes \( A v \) .
const Vector3D MBMesquite::operator* (const Vector3D &x, const Matrix3D &A)
 Computes \( v^T A \) .
void MBMesquite::eqAx (Vector3D &v, const Matrix3D &A, const Vector3D &x)
void MBMesquite::plusEqAx (Vector3D &v, const Matrix3D &A, const Vector3D &x)
void MBMesquite::eqTransAx (Vector3D &v, const Matrix3D &A, const Vector3D &x)
void MBMesquite::plusEqTransAx (Vector3D &v, const Matrix3D &A, const Vector3D &x)
void MBMesquite::plusEqaA (Matrix3D &B, const double a, const Matrix3D &A)
double MBMesquite::det (const Matrix3D &A)
void MBMesquite::inv (Matrix3D &Ainv, const Matrix3D &A)
void MBMesquite::timesInvA (Matrix3D &B, const Matrix3D &A)
void MBMesquite::QR (Matrix3D &Q, Matrix3D &R, const Matrix3D &A)

Detailed Description

3*3 Matric class, row-oriented, 0-based [i][j] indexing.

Thomas Leurent

Definition in file Matrix3D.hpp.

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