MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
MsqDebug.hpp File Reference
#include "Mesquite.hpp"
#include <vector>
#include <iostream>
#include <cstdio>
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class  MBMesquite::MsqDebug
 Run-time activation/deactivation of debug flags. More...
class  MBMesquite::MsqDebug::FormatPrinter
class  MBMesquite::MsqDebug::InitializeFlags


namespace  MBMesquite

Implements the NonSmoothDescent class member functions.


#define MSQ_DBG(flag)   false
 Check if a debug flag is activated - evaluates to a bool.
#define MSQ_DBGOUT(flag)   if( MSQ_DBG( flag ) ) MBMesquite::MsqDebug::get_stream( flag )
 Check debug flag and return ostream associated with flag.
#define MSQ_PRINT(flag)   if( MSQ_DBG( flag ) ) MBMesquite::MsqDebug::FormatPrinter( flag ).print
 Check debug flag and print printf-style formatted output.
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