MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
MBMesquite::PatchSet Class Reference

Specify a division of the Mesh into working patches. More...

#include <PatchSet.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef void * PatchHandle

Public Member Functions

 PatchSet ()
virtual ~PatchSet ()
 Declare destructor virtual.
void set_mesh (Mesh *mesh)
 Specify the working Mesh.
virtual void get_patch_handles (std::vector< PatchHandle > &patch_handles_out, MsqError &err)=0
 Get a list of handles, one for each patch.
virtual void get_patch (PatchHandle patch_handle, std::vector< Mesh::ElementHandle > &elem_handles_out, std::vector< Mesh::VertexHandle > &free_vertices_out, MsqError &err)=0
 Get the mesh entities in a patch.
Meshget_mesh () const
 get the Mesh object passed to set_mesh()

Private Member Functions

 PatchSet (const PatchSet &)
 disallow copying
PatchSetoperator= (const PatchSet &)
 disallow assignment

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Specify a division of the Mesh into working patches.

This class provides an interface for specifying how Mesquite will divide the active mesh into working patches.

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Member Typedef Documentation

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Declare destructor virtual.

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MBMesquite::PatchSet::PatchSet ( const PatchSet ) [private]

disallow copying

Member Function Documentation

virtual void MBMesquite::PatchSet::get_patch ( PatchHandle  patch_handle,
std::vector< Mesh::ElementHandle > &  elem_handles_out,
std::vector< Mesh::VertexHandle > &  free_vertices_out,
MsqError err 
) [pure virtual]

Get the mesh entities in a patch.

Given one of the handles returned by get_patch_handles(), return the mesh entities in the corresponding patch.

patch_handleone of the handles returned by get_patch_handles()
elem_handles_outthe list of elements in the mesh
free_vertices_outThe list of vertices interior to the patch If this list is empty, it is assumed that all vertices in the closure of the elements are free.

Implemented in MBMesquite::VertexPatches, MBMesquite::ElementPatches, and MBMesquite::GlobalPatch.

Referenced by MBMesquite::PatchIterator::get_next_patch(), MBMesquite::VertexMover::loop_over_mesh(), PatchSetTest::test_bad_handle(), and PatchSetTest::test_fail_entities().

PatchSet& MBMesquite::PatchSet::operator= ( const PatchSet ) [private]

disallow assignment

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