MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
PatchDataInstances.hpp File Reference
#include "MsqVertex.hpp"
#include "PatchData.hpp"
#include "PlanarDomain.hpp"
#include "IdealElements.hpp"
#include "TopologyInfo.hpp"
#include <cmath>
#include <iostream>
#include "cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h"
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namespace  MBMesquite

Implements the NonSmoothDescent class member functions.


void MBMesquite::destroy_patch_with_domain (PatchData &pd)
 must be called in sync with create_...._patch_with_domain
void MBMesquite::move_vertex (PatchData &pd, const Vector3D &position, const Vector3D &delta, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_one_hex_patch (PatchData &one_hex_patch, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_one_tet_patch (PatchData &one_tet_patch, MsqError &err)
 creates a Patch containing an ideal tetrahedra
void MBMesquite::create_one_pyr_patch (PatchData &one_pyr_patch, MsqError &err)
 create patch containing one ideal pyramid
void MBMesquite::create_one_wdg_patch (PatchData &one_wdg_patch, MsqError &err)
 create patch containing one ideal wedge
void MBMesquite::create_one_inverted_tet_patch (PatchData &one_tet_patch, MsqError &err)
 creates a Patch containing an ideal tetrahedra, inverted
void MBMesquite::create_one_quad_patch (PatchData &one_qua_patch, MsqError &err)
 creates a Patch containing an ideal quadrilateral
void MBMesquite::create_one_tri_patch (PatchData &one_tri_patch, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_two_tri_patch (PatchData &pd, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_four_quads_patch (PatchData &four_quads, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_six_quads_patch_with_domain (PatchData &pd, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_six_quads_patch_inverted_with_domain (PatchData &pd, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_twelve_hex_patch (PatchData &pd, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_twelve_hex_patch_inverted (PatchData &pd, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_qm_two_tri_patch_with_domain (PatchData &triPatch, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_qm_two_quad_patch_with_domain (PatchData &quadPatch, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_qm_two_tet_patch (PatchData &tetPatch, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_qm_two_pyr_patch (PatchData &pyrPatch, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_qm_two_wdg_patch (PatchData &wdgPatch, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_qm_two_hex_patch (PatchData &hexPatch, MsqError &err)
void MBMesquite::create_ideal_element_patch (PatchData &pd, EntityTopology type, size_t num_nodes, MsqError &err)

Detailed Description

This header file contains some functions to instantiates particular PatchData Objects. Those objects can be used in unit tests. Patches must be allocated and dealocated by the caller.

Thomas Leurent
Michael Brewer

Definition in file PatchDataInstances.hpp.

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