MeshKit  1.0
cleanup Namespace Reference


ErrorCode remove_obb_tree (bool verbose)
ErrorCode delete_small_edge_and_tris (const EntityHandle vert0, EntityHandle &vert1, const double tol)
ErrorCode delete_small_edges (const Range &surfaces, const double FACET_TOL)
ErrorCode cleanup_edges (Range curve_meshsets)
moab::ErrorCode delete_small_edge_and_tris (const moab::EntityHandle vert0, moab::EntityHandle &vert1, const double tol)
moab::ErrorCode delete_small_edges (const moab::Range &surfaces, const double MERGE_TOL)
moab::ErrorCode cleanup_edges (moab::Range curve_meshsets)

Function Documentation

moab::ErrorCode cleanup::cleanup_edges ( moab::Range  curve_meshsets)

Lots of edges have been created but are no longer needed. Delete edges that are not in curves. These should be the only edges that remain. This incredibly speeds up the watertight_check tool (100x?).

ErrorCode cleanup::cleanup_edges ( Range  curve_meshsets)

Definition at line 424 of file cleanup.cpp.

moab::ErrorCode cleanup::delete_small_edge_and_tris ( const moab::EntityHandle  vert0,
moab::EntityHandle &  vert1,
const double  tol 
ErrorCode cleanup::delete_small_edge_and_tris ( const EntityHandle  vert0,
EntityHandle &  vert1,
const double  tol 

Definition at line 81 of file cleanup.cpp.

moab::ErrorCode cleanup::delete_small_edges ( const moab::Range &  surfaces,
const double  MERGE_TOL 
ErrorCode cleanup::delete_small_edges ( const Range &  surfaces,
const double  FACET_TOL 

Definition at line 108 of file cleanup.cpp.

moab::ErrorCode remove_obb_tree ( bool  verbose = false)

The obbtrees are no longer valid because the triangles have been altered. -Surface and volume sets are tagged with tags holding the obb tree root handles. -Surface/volume set handles are added to the root meshset. Somehow, delete the old tree without deleting the surface and volume sets, then build a new tree.

Definition at line 14 of file cleanup.cpp.

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