MeshKit  1.0
Jaal Namespace Reference


class  BinaryNode
class  BinaryTree
class  DualGraph
struct  Attribute
struct  VecAttribute
struct  ArrayAttribute
struct  ListAttribute
struct  SetAttribute
struct  RelationRep
struct  AttribRep
class  MeshEntity
struct  EntityRemovedPred
struct  BaseVertex
class  Vertex
struct  LowVertexDegreeCompare
struct  HighVertexDegreeCompare
struct  LowLayerCompare
struct  BaseEdge
class  Edge
struct  BaseFace
class  Face
struct  BoundingBox
struct  MeshFilter
class  Mesh
struct  MeshImporter
struct  MeshExporter
class  MeshOptimization
struct  SurfPatch
struct  QTrack
struct  StructuredMesh2D
struct  LaplaceWeight
struct  LaplaceNoWeight
struct  LaplaceLengthWeight
struct  LaplaceAreaWeight
class  LaplaceSmoothing
class  MeshRefine2D
 2D Mesh Refinement class. More...
struct  Sqrt3Refine2D
class  CentroidRefine2D
class  LongestEdgeRefine2D
class  ConsistencyRefine2D
class  Refine2D14
struct  DelaunayRefinement2D
class  ObtuseRefine2D
class  GradeRefine2D
struct  FirstIrregularNode
class  FaceClose
struct  Diamond
struct  Doublet
struct  Singlet
class  OneDefectPatch
class  QuadCleanUp
struct  RemeshTemplate
struct  QuadRemeshTemplate
struct  TriRemeshTemplate
struct  PentaRemeshTemplate
struct  CircleRemeshTemplate
struct  SwapEdges
class  SwapTriEdges
struct  QuadEdge
class  SwapQuadEdge
class  Tri2Quads


typedef std::list< BinaryNode * > BNodeList
typedef VertexPNode
typedef EdgePEdge
typedef FacePFace
typedef std::vector< PNodeNodeSequence
typedef std::vector< PEdgeEdgeSequence
typedef std::vector< PFaceFaceSequence
typedef std::list< PNodeNodeList
typedef std::list< PEdgeEdgeList
typedef std::list< PFaceFaceList
typedef std::set< PNodeNodeSet
typedef std::set< PFaceFaceSet




int dijkstra_shortest_path_test ()
template<class T >
int split_stl_vector (const std::vector< T > &a, size_t pos, std::vector< T > &b, std::vector< T > &c)
template<class T >
int split_stl_vector (const std::deque< T > &a, size_t pos, std::deque< T > &b, std::deque< T > &c)
Meshcreate_structured_mesh (double *origin, double *length, int *griddim, int spacedim)
Meshquad_to_tri4 (Mesh *quadmesh, vector< Vertex * > &steiner)
Meshquad_to_tri2 (Mesh *quadmesh)
void set_tfi_coords (int i, int j, int nx, int ny, vector< Vertex * > &qnodes)
void linear_interpolation (Mesh *m, Vertex *v0, Vertex *v1, int n, NodeSequence &seq)
void advancing_front_triangle_cleanup (Mesh *mesh)
vector< QTrackgenerate_quad_partitioning (Mesh *mesh)
void set_layer_tag (Mesh *m, const string &s="Layer")
void set_inverted_tag (Mesh *m, const string &s="Inverted")
void set_boundary_tag (Mesh *m, const string &s="Boundary")
void set_partition_tag (Mesh *m, const string &s="Partition")
void set_convexity_tag (Mesh *m, const string &s="Convexity")
void set_regular_node_tag (Mesh *m, const string &s="Regularity")
void set_visit_tags (Mesh *m)
void set_allboundnodes_tag (Mesh *m)
void set_constrained_tag (Mesh *m)
void set_feature_angle_tag (Mesh *m)
void set_ideal_node_tag (Mesh *m, int elemtype)
void set_large_area_tag (Mesh *m)
void set_tiny_area_tag (Mesh *m, double val=1.0E-06)
void set_irregular_path_tag (Mesh *m, vector< QTrack > &qp)
int quadrangulate (Mesh *mesh)
Meshstruct_tri_grid (int nx, int ny)
Meshstruct_quad_grid (int nx, int ny)
int quad_concave_tests ()
void set_singlet_tag (Mesh *m, const string &s="Singlet")
void set_doublet_tag (Mesh *m, const string &s="Doublet")
void set_diamond_tag (Mesh *mesh, const string &s="Diamond")
bool has_same_dual (const BinaryNode *nd1, const BinaryNode *nd2)
bool already_matched (const BinaryNode *node)

Detailed Description

REFINE AREA : Increase the density where grid cells have high area/volume REFINE ASPECT_RATIO : Increase the aspect Ratio REFINE CURVATURE : Create high density mesh near high curvature.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::list<BinaryNode*> BNodeList

Definition at line 27 of file BinaryTree.hpp.

typedef std::list<PEdge> EdgeList

Definition at line 73 of file Mesh.hpp.

typedef std::vector<PEdge> EdgeSequence

Definition at line 69 of file Mesh.hpp.

typedef std::list<PFace> FaceList

Definition at line 74 of file Mesh.hpp.

typedef std::vector<PFace> FaceSequence

Definition at line 70 of file Mesh.hpp.

typedef std::set<PFace> FaceSet

Definition at line 77 of file Mesh.hpp.

typedef std::list<PNode> NodeList

Definition at line 72 of file Mesh.hpp.

typedef std::vector<PNode> NodeSequence

Definition at line 68 of file Mesh.hpp.

typedef std::set<PNode> NodeSet

Definition at line 76 of file Mesh.hpp.

typedef Edge* PEdge

Definition at line 65 of file Mesh.hpp.

typedef Face* PFace

Definition at line 66 of file Mesh.hpp.

typedef Vertex* PNode

Definition at line 62 of file Mesh.hpp.

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 66 of file MeshRefine2D.hpp.


Definition at line 64 of file MeshRefine2D.hpp.

Function Documentation

Definition at line 5309 of file Mesh.cpp.

bool Jaal::already_matched ( const BinaryNode *  node) [inline]

Definition at line 111 of file Tri2Quad.hpp.

Mesh * create_structured_mesh ( double *  origin,
double *  length,
int *  griddim,
int  spacedim 

Definition at line 5092 of file Mesh.cpp.

Definition at line 105 of file DijkstraShortestPath.cpp.

vector< QTrack > generate_quad_partitioning ( Mesh mesh)

Definition at line 4288 of file Mesh.cpp.

bool Jaal::has_same_dual ( const BinaryNode *  nd1,
const BinaryNode *  nd2 
void Jaal::linear_interpolation ( Mesh *  m,
Vertex *  v0,
Vertex *  v1,
int  n,
NodeSequence &  seq 

Definition at line 5157 of file Mesh.cpp.

Mesh * quad_to_tri2 ( Mesh quadmesh)

Definition at line 5250 of file Mesh.cpp.

Mesh * quad_to_tri4 ( Mesh quadmesh,
vector< Vertex * > &  steiner 

Definition at line 5197 of file Mesh.cpp.

int Jaal::quadrangulate ( Mesh *  mesh)
void Jaal::set_allboundnodes_tag ( Mesh *  m)
void set_boundary_tag ( Mesh m,
const string &  s = "Boundary" 

Definition at line 4490 of file Mesh.cpp.

void set_constrained_tag ( Mesh m)

Definition at line 4532 of file Mesh.cpp.

void set_convexity_tag ( Mesh m,
const string &  s = "Convexity" 

Definition at line 4463 of file Mesh.cpp.

void set_diamond_tag ( Mesh mesh,
const string &  s = "Diamond" 

Definition at line 8 of file FaceClose.cpp.

void set_doublet_tag ( Mesh m,
const string &  s = "Doublet" 

Definition at line 8 of file Doublet.cpp.

void Jaal::set_feature_angle_tag ( Mesh *  m)
void Jaal::set_ideal_node_tag ( Mesh *  m,
int  elemtype 
void set_inverted_tag ( Mesh m,
const string &  s = "Inverted" 

Definition at line 4802 of file Mesh.cpp.

void set_irregular_path_tag ( Mesh m,
vector< QTrack > &  qp 

Definition at line 4828 of file Mesh.cpp.

void Jaal::set_large_area_tag ( Mesh *  m)
void set_layer_tag ( Mesh m,
const string &  s = "Layer" 

Definition at line 4417 of file Mesh.cpp.

void Jaal::set_partition_tag ( Mesh *  m,
const string &  s = "Partition" 
void set_regular_node_tag ( Mesh m,
const string &  s = "Regularity" 

Definition at line 141 of file QuadCleanUp.cpp.

void set_singlet_tag ( Mesh m,
const string &  s = "Singlet" 

Definition at line 8 of file Singlet.cpp.

void set_tfi_coords ( int  i,
int  j,
int  nx,
int  ny,
vector< Vertex * > &  qnodes 

Definition at line 4147 of file Mesh.cpp.

void Jaal::set_tiny_area_tag ( Mesh *  m,
double  val = 1.0E-06 
void Jaal::set_visit_tags ( Mesh *  m)
int Jaal::split_stl_vector ( const std::vector< T > &  a,
size_t  pos,
std::vector< T > &  b,
std::vector< T > &  c 

Definition at line 82 of file Mesh.hpp.

int Jaal::split_stl_vector ( const std::deque< T > &  a,
size_t  pos,
std::deque< T > &  b,
std::deque< T > &  c 

Definition at line 105 of file Mesh.hpp.

Mesh * struct_quad_grid ( int  nx,
int  ny 

Definition at line 2868 of file Mesh.cpp.

Mesh * struct_tri_grid ( int  nx,
int  ny 

Definition at line 2816 of file Mesh.cpp.

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