MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
Vector3D.hpp File Reference

Vector object with exactly 3 dimensions. More...

#include "Mesquite.hpp"
#include <iosfwd>
#include <cassert>
#include <cstring>
#include <vector>
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class  MBMesquite::Vector3D
 Vector3D is the object that effeciently stores information about about three-deminsional vectors. It is also the parent class of MsqVertex. More...


namespace  MBMesquite

Implements the NonSmoothDescent class member functions.


const Vector3D MBMesquite::operator+ (const Vector3D &lhs, const Vector3D &rhs)
const Vector3D MBMesquite::operator- (const Vector3D &lhs, const Vector3D &rhs)
const Vector3D MBMesquite::operator* (const Vector3D &lhs, const double scalar)
const Vector3D MBMesquite::operator* (const double scalar, const Vector3D &rhs)
const Vector3D MBMesquite::operator/ (const Vector3D &lhs, const double scalar)
double MBMesquite::operator% (const Vector3D &lhs, const Vector3D &rhs)
double MBMesquite::inner (const Vector3D lhs[], const Vector3D rhs[], int n)
double MBMesquite::inner (const std::vector< Vector3D > &lhs, const std::vector< Vector3D > &rhs)
double MBMesquite::operator% (const double scalar, const Vector3D &rhs)
double MBMesquite::operator% (const Vector3D &lhs, const double scalar)
const Vector3D MBMesquite::operator* (const Vector3D &lhs, const Vector3D &rhs)
std::ostream & MBMesquite::operator<< (std::ostream &s, const MBMesquite::Vector3D &v)
double MBMesquite::inner_product (const Vector3D *v1, const Vector3D *v2, size_t n)
double MBMesquite::length_squared (const Vector3D *v, int n)
double MBMesquite::length_squared (const std::vector< Vector3D > &v)
double MBMesquite::length (const Vector3D *v, int n)
double MBMesquite::length (const std::vector< Vector3D > &v)
double MBMesquite::Linf (const Vector3D *v, int n)
double MBMesquite::Linf (const std::vector< Vector3D > &v)
bool MBMesquite::operator== (const Vector3D &v1, const Vector3D &v2)
bool MBMesquite::operator!= (const Vector3D &v1, const Vector3D &v2)

Detailed Description

Vector object with exactly 3 dimensions.

This is as fast as a C array.

Darryl Melander
Thomas Leurent

Definition in file Vector3D.hpp.

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