MeshKit  1.0
QuadPatches.cpp File Reference
#include "meshkit/Mesh.hpp"
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void build_submesh_topology (StructuredMesh2D &smesh)
FacegetSeedFace (Jaal::Mesh *mesh)
size_t independent_components (Jaal::Mesh *mesh)
int merge_submesh (StructuredMesh2D &amesh, StructuredMesh2D &bmesh)
StructuredMesh2D getQuadPatch (Jaal::Mesh *mesh, int compid)

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Definition at line 176 of file QuadPatches.cpp.

StructuredMesh2D getQuadPatch ( Jaal::Mesh mesh,
int  compid 

Definition at line 326 of file QuadPatches.cpp.

Face* getSeedFace ( Jaal::Mesh mesh)

Definition at line 208 of file QuadPatches.cpp.

size_t independent_components ( Jaal::Mesh mesh)

Definition at line 219 of file QuadPatches.cpp.

int merge_submesh ( StructuredMesh2D amesh,
StructuredMesh2D bmesh 

Definition at line 269 of file QuadPatches.cpp.

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