MeshKit  1.0
CESets.hpp File Reference
#include "meshkitalgs_export.hpp"
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "meshkit/MKCore.hpp"
#include <iBase.h>
#include <iMesh.h>
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class  CESets
struct  CESets::tag_data


namespace  MeshKit


void link_expand_sets (const CESets &ce_sets, iMesh::TagHandle local_tag)
 Set the target sets for expand sets to be themselves.
void process_ce_sets (iMesh *mesh, const std::set< iMesh::EntitySetHandle > &cesets, iMesh::TagHandle local_tag)
 Add newly-created entities/sets to a collection of sets.
void tag_copy_sets (iMesh *mesh, iMesh::TagHandle copyTag, const std::set< iMesh::EntitySetHandle > &copySets, iMesh::TagHandle tag, const char *tag_val)
 Tag a collection of copied sets.
void tag_copy_sets (const CESets &ce_sets, iMesh::TagHandle local_tag, iMesh::TagHandle copy_tag)
 Tag a collection of copied sets.
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