MeshKit  1.0
arc.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <limits>
#include <assert.h>
#include <vector>
#include "moab/Range.hpp"
#include "moab/AdaptiveKDTree.hpp"
#include "meshkit/arc.hpp"
#include "meshkit/zip.hpp"
#include "meshkit/gen.hpp"
#include "moab/GeomTopoTool.hpp"
#include "moab/FileOptions.hpp"
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namespace  arc


ErrorCode orient_edge_with_tri (const EntityHandle edge, const EntityHandle tri)
ErrorCode remove_degenerate_edges (Range &edges, const bool debug)
ErrorCode remove_opposite_pairs_of_edges (Range &edges, const bool debug)
ErrorCode remove_opposite_pairs_of_edges_fast (Range &edges, const bool debug)
ErrorCode get_next_oriented_edge (const Range edges, const EntityHandle edge, EntityHandle &next_edge)
ErrorCode create_loops_from_oriented_edges_fast (Range edges, std::vector< std::vector< EntityHandle > > &loops_of_edges, const bool debug)
ErrorCode create_loops_from_oriented_edges (Range edges, std::vector< std::vector< EntityHandle > > &loops_of_edges, const bool debug)
ErrorCode order_verts_by_edge (Range unordered_edges, std::vector< EntityHandle > &ordered_verts)
ErrorCode get_meshset (const EntityHandle set, std::vector< EntityHandle > &vec)
ErrorCode set_meshset (const EntityHandle set, const std::vector< EntityHandle > vec)
ErrorCode merge_curves (Range curve_sets, const double facet_tol, Tag id_tag, Tag merge_tag, const bool debug)
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