CADeferredAttrib.cpp File Reference
#include "CADeferredAttrib.hpp"
#include "CubitSimpleAttrib.hpp"
#include "ToolDataUser.hpp"
#include "TDUniqueId.hpp"
#include "CastTo.hpp"
#include "RefEntity.hpp"
#include "DLIList.hpp"
#include "CubitMessage.hpp"
#include <algorithm>

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CubitAttribCADeferredAttrib_creator (RefEntity *entity, const CubitSimpleAttrib &p_csa)

Function Documentation

Definition at line 14 of file CADeferredAttrib.cpp.

  CADeferredAttrib *new_attrib = NULL;

  // Deferred attributes are a special case -- they should only get created
  // when restoring from a file, in which case p_csa should be non-NULL
  if (!p_csa.isEmpty())
    new_attrib = new CADeferredAttrib(entity, p_csa);
  return new_attrib;
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