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AF2LocalTransformMaker Class Reference

#include <AF2LocalTransformMaker.hpp>

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virtual AF2LocalTransformmakeLocalTransform (const std::list< AF2Point3D * > &ngbhdPoints, const AF2Edge3D *const &baselineEdge, const std::list< const AF2Edge3D * > &otherNgbhdEdges) const =0
 Make a local transformation.
virtual ~AF2LocalTransformMaker ()

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~AF2LocalTransformMaker ( ) [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 48 of file AF2LocalTransformMaker.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual AF2LocalTransform* makeLocalTransform ( const std::list< AF2Point3D * > &  ngbhdPoints,
const AF2Edge3D *const &  baselineEdge,
const std::list< const AF2Edge3D * > &  otherNgbhdEdges 
) const [pure virtual]

Make a local transformation.

Make a local transformation to be used in a neighborhood, given access to the information about the three-dimensional points and edges that will be included in the neighborhood.

The AF2LocalTransform returned from this method will be allocated on the heap with the new operator. The transform belongs to the context that calls the method, and it is the responsibility of the calling context to call delete.

ngbhdPointsthe points that will be included in the neighborhood
baselineEdgethe baseline edge of the neighborhood
otherNgbhdEdgesthe other edges that will be included in the neighborhood
a local transformation appropriate for use with a neighborhood consisting of the specified points and edges

Implemented in AF2DfltPlaneProjMaker.

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