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AF2RuleNewVertex Class Reference

#include <AF2RuleNewVertex.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 AF2RuleNewVertex (AF2Point2D const &rfrncPoint, const AF2PointTransform *const &pntTrnsfrm)
 ~AF2RuleNewVertex ()
 AF2RuleNewVertex (const AF2RuleNewVertex &toCopy)
 Copy constructor.
AF2RuleNewVertexoperator= (const AF2RuleNewVertex &rhs)
 Assignment operator.
AF2Point2D getLocation (AF2Binding const &vertexBinding) const
 Return the coordinates at which the new vertex should be placed based on the vertex binding.

Private Attributes

AF2Point2D referencePoint
const AF2PointTransformpointTransform

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AF2RuleNewVertex ( AF2Point2D const &  rfrncPoint,
const AF2PointTransform *const &  pntTrnsfrm 


Construct an AF2RuleNewVertex from a reference point location and a pointer to a point transform. The point transform is cloned, so the calling context retains ownership of the point transform and is responsible for deleting it.

rfrncPointthe reference location of the new vertex, i.e., the location that the new vertex will have if the existing points of the rule are all placed in their ideal positions
pntTrnsfrmthe point transformation that will transform the point from its reference location to an actual location based on the vertex binding

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AF2RuleNewVertex ( const AF2RuleNewVertex toCopy)

Copy constructor.

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Member Function Documentation

AF2Point2D getLocation ( AF2Binding const &  vertexBinding) const

Return the coordinates at which the new vertex should be placed based on the vertex binding.

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AF2RuleNewVertex & operator= ( const AF2RuleNewVertex rhs)

Assignment operator.

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Member Data Documentation

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