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AF2PointTransform Class Reference

#include <AF2PointTransform.hpp>

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virtual ~AF2PointTransform ()
virtual AF2Point2D transformPoint (AF2Point2D const &point, AF2Binding const &vBinding) const =0
 Transform a point based on an AF2Binding.
virtual AF2PointTransformclone () const =0
 Make and return an independent copy of yourself.

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~AF2PointTransform ( ) [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 19 of file AF2PointTransform.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual AF2PointTransform* clone ( ) const [pure virtual]

Make and return an independent copy of yourself.

This method supports making copies of the concrete derived class that an AF2PointTransform pointer references.

Deletion of the object pointed to by the pointer returned from this method must be managed by the context that calls the method.

Implemented in AF2PntTrnsfrmLnrV, and AF2PointTransformNone.

virtual AF2Point2D transformPoint ( AF2Point2D const &  point,
AF2Binding const &  vBinding 
) const [pure virtual]

Transform a point based on an AF2Binding.

Given (the reference coordinates of) a 2-dimensional point and a binding that assigns actual coordinates (AF2Point2D points) to the reference AF2RuleExistingVertex vertices of a rule, transform the point from its reference location to a location that is appropriate to the binding.

This method assumes that the binding is complete, i.e., that every reference AF2RuleExistingVertex on the AF2Binding has been assigned an AF2Point2D.

pointthe coordinates of some 2-dimensional point
vBindinga binding of reference vertices to points with actual coordinates
a 2-dimensional point transformed from the value of the first argument based on the binding

Implemented in AF2PntTrnsfrmLnrV, and AF2PointTransformNone.

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