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Face Member List
This is the complete list of members for Face, including all inherited members.
ACTIVEMeshEntity [static]
addRelation(Vertex *vertex)MeshEntity [inline]
addRelation(Edge *edge)MeshEntity [inline]
addRelation(Face *face)MeshEntity [inline]
attribRepMeshEntity [protected]
bilinear_weights(double xi, double eta, vector< double > &weight)Face [static]
boundarymarkMeshEntity [protected]
centroid(const Vertex *v0, const Vertex *v1, const Vertex *v2)Face [static]
centroid(const Vertex *v0, const Vertex *v1, const Vertex *v2, const Vertex *v3, const Vertex *v4)Face [static]
check_on_boundary(const PFace tri)Face [static]
clearRelations(int e)MeshEntity [inline]
concaveAt() const Face
connectFace [private]
constrainedMeshEntity [protected]
create_quad(const PFace t1, const PFace t2, int replace=0)Face [static]
distortion(const Vertex *v0, const Vertex *v1, const Vertex *v2)Face [static]
distortion(const Vertex *v0, const Vertex *v1, const Vertex *v2, const Vertex *v3, const Vertex *v4)Face [static]
Face()Face [inline]
Face(const Vertex *v0, const Vertex *v1, const Vertex *v2)Face [inline]
Face(const Vertex *v0, const Vertex *v1, const Vertex *v2, const Vertex *v3)Face [inline]
get_interior_angles(vector< double > &angles) const Face
getAngleAt(const Vertex *v) const Face [inline]
getArea()Face [inline]
getAttribute(const string &s, T &val) const MeshEntity [inline]
getAvgPos(Point3D &p) const Face
getBoundaryMark() const MeshEntity [inline]
getClone() const Face [inline]
getHashNode() const Face [inline]
getID() const MeshEntity [inline]
getNodeAt(size_t id) const Face [inline]
getNodes() const Face [inline]
getNumRelations(int e) const MeshEntity [inline]
getOrientation(const Vertex *ev0, const Vertex *ev1) const Face [inline]
getPosOf(const Vertex *vertex) const Face [inline]
getRelations(NodeSequence &seq)Face
Jaal::BaseFace::getRelations(NodeSequence &seq, bool cyclic_ordered=0) const MeshEntity [inline]
Jaal::BaseFace::getRelations(EdgeSequence &seq, bool cyclic_ordered=0) const MeshEntity [inline]
Jaal::BaseFace::getRelations(FaceSequence &seq, bool cyclic_ordered=0) const MeshEntity [inline]
getRelations02(FaceSequence &seq)Face
getRelations12(FaceSequence &seq)Face
getSize(int etype) const Face [inline]
getStatus() const MeshEntity [inline]
getType() const Face [inline]
gidMeshEntity [protected]
has_all_bound_nodes() const Face
has_boundary_edge() const Face
hasAttribute(const string &s) const MeshEntity [inline]
hasBoundaryNode() const Face [inline]
hasNode(const PNode &vertex) const Face [inline]
hasRelation(const Vertex *vertex) const MeshEntity [inline]
hasRelation(const Edge *edge) const MeshEntity [inline]
hasRelation(const Face *face) const MeshEntity [inline]
hexagon_2_quads(const NodeSequence &hexnodes, FaceSequence &quads, int start_from)Face [static]
idtype typedefMeshEntity
INACTIVEMeshEntity [static]
is_3_sided_convex_loop_quad_meshable(const int *s, int *sdiv)Face [static]
is_5_sided_convex_loop_quad_meshable(const int *s, int *sdiv)Face [static]
is_convex_quad(const Point3D &p0, const Point3D &p1, const Point3D &p2, const Point3D &p3)Face [static]
is_cyclic_quad(const Point3D &p0, const Point3D &p1, const Point3D &p2, const Point3D &p3)Face [static]
isActive() const MeshEntity [inline]
isBoundary() const MeshEntity [inline]
isConstrained() const MeshEntity [inline]
isConvex() const Face [inline]
isRemoved() const MeshEntity [inline]
isSameAs(const Face *rhs) const Face [inline]
isSimple() const Face
isValid() const Face
isVisited() const MeshEntity [inline]
linear_interpolation(const vector< double > &x, const vector< double > &w)Face [static]
MeshEntity()MeshEntity [inline]
newObject()Face [inline, static]
normal(const Vertex *v0, const Vertex *v1, const Vertex *v2)Face [static]
normal(const Point3D &p0, const Point3D &p1, const Point3D &v2)Face [static]
opposite_node(const PFace quad, const PNode n1)Face [static]
opposite_node(const PFace tri, PNode n1, PNode n2)Face [static]
opposite_nodes(const PFace quad, PNode n1, PNode n2, PNode &n3, PNode &n4)Face [static]
POLYGONFace [static]
quad_area(const Point3D &p0, const Point3D &p1, const Point3D &p2, const Point3D &p3)Face [static]
quad_tessalate(const NodeSequence &orgNodes, NodeSequence &rotatedNodes)Face [static]
refine_concave_quad15(NodeSequence &newnodes, FaceSequence &newfaces)Face [private]
refine_convex_quad15(NodeSequence &newnodes, FaceSequence &newfaces)Face [private]
refine_quad14(NodeSequence &newnodes, FaceSequence &newfaces)Face
refine_quad15(NodeSequence &newnodes, FaceSequence &newfaces)Face
relationRepMeshEntity [protected]
REMOVEMeshEntity [static]
removeAttribute(const string &s) const MeshEntity [inline]
removeRelation(const Vertex *vertex)MeshEntity [inline]
removeRelation(const Face *face)MeshEntity [inline]
replaceNode(Vertex *oldvertex, Vertex *newvertex)Face [inline]
reverse()Face [inline]
setAttribute(const string &s, const T &val)MeshEntity [inline]
setBoundaryMark(int b)MeshEntity [inline]
setConstrainedMark(int b)MeshEntity [inline]
setID(idtype id)MeshEntity [inline]
setNodes(const NodeSequence &v)Face [inline]
setStatus(int a)MeshEntity [inline]
setVisitMark(bool r)MeshEntity [inline]
start_from_concave_corner()Face [inline]
statusMarkMeshEntity [protected]
tri_area(const Point3D &p0, const Point3D &p1, const Point3D &p2)Face [static]
TRIANGLEFace [static]
triangulate(vector< Face > &f) const Face
visitMarkMeshEntity [protected]
~MeshEntity()MeshEntity [inline]
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