MeshKit  1.0
Vertex Member List
This is the complete list of members for Vertex, including all inherited members.
ACTIVEMeshEntity [static]
addRelation(Vertex *vertex)MeshEntity [inline]
addRelation(Edge *edge)MeshEntity [inline]
addRelation(Face *face)MeshEntity [inline]
attribRepMeshEntity [protected]
boundarymarkMeshEntity [protected]
clearRelations(int e)MeshEntity [inline]
constrainedMeshEntity [protected]
get_ideal_face_degree(int n) const Vertex [inline]
getAttribute(const string &s, T &val) const MeshEntity [inline]
getBoundaryMark() const MeshEntity [inline]
getClone() const Vertex [inline]
getFeatureLength() const Vertex
getID() const MeshEntity [inline]
getNumRelations(int e) const MeshEntity [inline]
getRelations(NodeSequence &seq, bool cyclic_ordered=0) const MeshEntity [inline]
getRelations(EdgeSequence &seq, bool cyclic_ordered=0) const MeshEntity [inline]
getRelations(FaceSequence &seq, bool cyclic_ordered=0) const MeshEntity [inline]
getSpanAngle() const Vertex [inline]
getStatus() const MeshEntity [inline]
getXYZCoords() const Vertex [inline]
gidMeshEntity [protected]
global_idVertex [private, static]
hasAttribute(const string &s) const MeshEntity [inline]
hasRelation(const Vertex *vertex) const MeshEntity [inline]
hasRelation(const Edge *edge) const MeshEntity [inline]
hasRelation(const Face *face) const MeshEntity [inline]
idtype typedefMeshEntity
INACTIVEMeshEntity [static]
isActive() const MeshEntity [inline]
isBoundary() const MeshEntity [inline]
isConstrained() const MeshEntity [inline]
isRemoved() const MeshEntity [inline]
isVisited() const MeshEntity [inline]
length(const Vertex *v0, const Vertex *v1)Vertex [static]
length2(const Vertex *v0, const Vertex *v1)Vertex [static]
MeshEntity()MeshEntity [inline]
mid_node(const Vertex *v0, const Vertex *v1, double alpha=0.5)Vertex [static]
mid_point(const Vertex *v0, const Vertex *v1, Point3D &p, double alpha=0.5)Vertex [static]
newObject()Vertex [inline, static]
point_orient(const Point3D &p0, const Point3D &p1, const Point3D &qpoint)Vertex [static]
relationRepMeshEntity [protected]
REMOVEMeshEntity [static]
removeAttribute(const string &s) const MeshEntity [inline]
removeRelation(const Vertex *vertex)MeshEntity [inline]
removeRelation(const Face *face)MeshEntity [inline]
setAttribute(const string &s, const T &val)MeshEntity [inline]
setBoundaryMark(int b)MeshEntity [inline]
setConstrainedMark(int b)MeshEntity [inline]
setID(idtype id)MeshEntity [inline]
setStatus(int a)MeshEntity [inline]
setVisitMark(bool r)MeshEntity [inline]
setXYZCoords(const Point3D &p)Vertex [inline]
statusMarkMeshEntity [protected]
Vertex()Vertex [inline]
visitMarkMeshEntity [protected]
xyzVertex [private]
~MeshEntity()MeshEntity [inline]
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