MeshKit  1.0
iRel Member List
This is the complete list of members for iRel, including all inherited members.
ACTIVE enum valueiRel
add_pair(PairHandle *pair)iRel [inline, protected]
BOTH enum valueiRel
createPair(iBase_Instance iface1, const RelationType ent_or_set1, const IfaceType iface_type1, const RelationStatus status1, iBase_Instance iface2, const RelationType ent_or_set2, const IfaceType iface_type2, const RelationStatus status2, PairHandle *&pair)iRel [inline]
createPair(T &iface1, const RelationType ent_or_set1, const RelationStatus status1, U &iface2, const RelationType ent_or_set2, const RelationStatus status2, PairHandle *&pair)iRel [inline]
ENTITY enum valueiRel
Error typedefiRel
FBIGEOM_IFACE enum valueiRel
findPairs(iBase_Instance iface, std::vector< PairHandle * > &pairs)iRel [inline]
getDescription()iRel [inline]
getErrorType()iRel [inline]
iface_type() const iRel [inline]
IfaceType enum nameiRel
IFIELD_IFACE enum valueiRel
IGEOM_IFACE enum valueiRel
IMESH_IFACE enum valueiRel
INACTIVE enum valueiRel
instance()iRel [inline]
iRel(const char *options=0)iRel [inline]
iRel(iRel_Instance instance)iRel [inline]
iRel(const iRel &)iRel [inline, private]
IREL_IFACE enum valueiRel
iRelInstanceOwneriRel [private]
mInstanceiRel [private]
NOTEXIST enum valueiRel
operator=(const iRel &)iRel [inline, private]
RelationStatus enum nameiRel
RelationType enum nameiRel
relPairsiRel [private]
remove_pair(PairHandle *pair)iRel [inline, protected]
SET enum valueiRel
~iRel()iRel [inline]
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