CubitBox Member List
This is the complete list of members for CubitBox, including all inherited members.
center() const CubitBox
closest_point(const CubitVector &position) const CubitBox
CubitBox(const CubitVector &min, const CubitVector &max)CubitBox
CubitBox(const double min[3], const double max[3])CubitBox
CubitBox(const CubitVector &min_max)CubitBox
CubitBox(const CubitBox &copy_from)CubitBox
CubitBox(const CubitBoxStruct &from)CubitBox [inline]
CubitBox(const std::vector< CubitVector > &pts)CubitBox
diagonal() const CubitBox
distance_squared(const CubitVector &position) const CubitBox
get_corners(CubitVector corners[8]) const CubitBox
intersect(const CubitVector &ray_origin, const CubitVector &ray_direction, CubitVector &intersection_pt)CubitBox
intersect(const CubitVector &ray_origin, const CubitVector &ray_direction)CubitBox
max_x() const CubitBox
max_y() const CubitBox
max_z() const CubitBox
maximum() const CubitBox
maximum_CubitBox [private]
min_x() const CubitBox
min_y() const CubitBox
min_z() const CubitBox
minimum() const CubitBox
minimum_CubitBox [private]
operator CubitBoxStruct()CubitBox [inline]
operator&(const CubitBox &lhs, const CubitBox &rhs)CubitBox [friend]
operator&&(const CubitBox &box) const CubitBox
operator&=(const CubitBox &box)CubitBox
operator*(const CubitBox &lhs, double rhs)CubitBox [friend]
operator*(double rhs, const CubitBox &lhs)CubitBox [friend]
operator*=(double scale)CubitBox
operator+(const CubitBox &lhs, const CubitVector &rhs)CubitBox [friend]
operator+=(const CubitVector &offset)CubitBox
operator-(const CubitBox &lhs, const CubitVector &rhs)CubitBox [friend]
operator-=(const CubitVector &offset)CubitBox
operator/(const CubitBox &lhs, double rhs)CubitBox [friend]
operator/=(double scale)CubitBox
operator<(const CubitBox &box) const CubitBox
operator<=(const CubitBox &box) const CubitBox
operator<=(const CubitVector &vect) const CubitBox
operator=(const CubitBox &box)CubitBox
operator=(const CubitBoxStruct &from)CubitBox [inline]
operator>(const CubitBox &box) const CubitBox
operator>(const CubitVector &vect) const CubitBox
operator>=(const CubitBox &box) const CubitBox
operator>=(const CubitVector &vect) const CubitBox
operator|(const CubitBox &lhs, const CubitBox &rhs)CubitBox [friend]
operator|(const CubitBox &lhs, const CubitVector &rhs)CubitBox [friend]
operator|=(const CubitBox &box)CubitBox
operator|=(const CubitVector &vector)CubitBox
operator||(const CubitBox &box) const CubitBox
overlap(double tolerance, const CubitBox &other_box) const CubitBox
reset(const CubitVector &vector)CubitBox
reset(const CubitVector &min, const CubitVector &max)CubitBox
reset(const CubitBox &box)CubitBox
reset(const double min[3], const double max[3])CubitBox
x_range() const CubitBox
y_range() const CubitBox
z_range() const CubitBox
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