MessageFlag Class Reference

#include <CubitMessage.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ~MessageFlag ()

Private Member Functions

 MessageFlag ()
 MessageFlag (int flag_number, const char *desc)
void output ()

Private Attributes

int flagNumber
int setting
const char * description
std::ofstream * outputStream


class CubitMessage

Detailed Description

Definition at line 275 of file CubitMessage.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 951 of file CubitMessage.cpp.

  // It is not safe to delete either the stream or the filename here
  // since multiple instances (debug flags) may refer to the same memory
MessageFlag::MessageFlag ( ) [private]

Definition at line 823 of file CubitMessage.cpp.

  flagNumber   = 0;
  setting      = CUBIT_FALSE;
  description  = NULL;
  filename     = NULL;
  outputStream = NULL;
MessageFlag::MessageFlag ( int  flag_number,
const char *  desc 
) [private]

Definition at line 817 of file CubitMessage.cpp.

    : flagNumber(flag_number), setting(CUBIT_FALSE),
      description(desc), filename(NULL), outputStream(NULL)

Member Function Documentation

void MessageFlag::output ( ) [private]

Definition at line 653 of file CubitMessage.cpp.

        CubitString::format("%2d  %3s  %-16s   %s\n",
               flagNumber, (setting == 1 ? "ON " : "OFF"),
               (filename == NULL ? "terminal" : filename->c_str()),

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class CubitMessage [friend]

Definition at line 277 of file CubitMessage.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

const char* MessageFlag::description [private]

Definition at line 289 of file CubitMessage.hpp.

Definition at line 290 of file CubitMessage.hpp.

int MessageFlag::flagNumber [private]

Definition at line 287 of file CubitMessage.hpp.

std::ofstream* MessageFlag::outputStream [private]

Definition at line 291 of file CubitMessage.hpp.

int MessageFlag::setting [private]

Definition at line 288 of file CubitMessage.hpp.

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