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#include <MedialTool3D.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 MedialTool3D (RefVolume *ref_volume_ptr)
 constructor when a ref volume is given
virtual ~MedialTool3D ()
 default destructor
CubitStatus create_medial_axis_3d (DLIList< RefVertex * > &medial_verts, DLIList< RefEdge * > &medial_edges, DLIList< RefFace * > &medial_faces, bool full_search, double cube_size, double accuracy, double min_ang_strong, double min_angle_diff_components)

Private Attributes

 pointer to the RefVolume whose medial has to be extracted

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file MedialTool3D.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MedialTool3D::MedialTool3D ( RefVolume ref_volume_ptr)

constructor when a ref volume is given

Filename : MedialTool3D.cpp (implementation of MedialTool3D)

Purpose : 3-D Medial Axis extraction tool. Given a RefVolume generates the medial axis for that volume

Special Notes :

Creator : Ragunath Sankaranarayanan

Creation Date : 08/23/2002

Owner : Ragunath Sankaranarayanan Function Name : MedialTool3D constructor Member Type : Public Description : consturctor when a RefVolume ptr is given Date : 08/23/2002

Definition at line 50 of file MedialTool3D.cpp.

  myRefVolume = ref_volume_ptr;

default destructor

Function Name : MedialTool3D destructor Member Type : Public Description : default constructor Date : 08/23/2002

Definition at line 61 of file MedialTool3D.cpp.



Member Function Documentation

CubitStatus MedialTool3D::create_medial_axis_3d ( DLIList< RefVertex * > &  medial_verts,
DLIList< RefEdge * > &  medial_edges,
DLIList< RefFace * > &  medial_faces,
bool  full_search,
double  cube_size,
double  accuracy,
double  min_ang_strong,
double  min_angle_diff_components 

create the medial axis of the volume given; The medial axis can be either a vertex, an edge, a face or a combination of the three; input parameters are cube_size, accuracy, min_angle_strong and min_angle_diff_components; refer "Medial3D.hpp" for desciption of the parameters.

Function Name : create_medial_axis_3d (when USING_MEDIAL is not defined) Member Type : Public Description : create the medial axis of the given RefVolume, based the input parameters; Return the medial axis as a list of vertices, segments or faces or a combination of all the three; Refer "Medial3D.hpp" for more info on the parameters; Date : 08/27/2002

Definition at line 77 of file MedialTool3D.cpp.

  PRINT_ERROR("Medial Axis Code is not included with this version of CGM.\n");

Member Data Documentation

pointer to the RefVolume whose medial has to be extracted

Definition at line 69 of file MedialTool3D.hpp.

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