CubitEntity Member List
This is the complete list of members for CubitEntity, including all inherited members.
bounding_box()=0CubitEntity [pure virtual]
center_point()CubitEntity [virtual]
class_name() const =0CubitEntity [pure virtual]
color(int value)CubitEntity [virtual]
color() const CubitEntity [virtual]
CubitEntity()CubitEntity [inline]
CubitEntity(const CubitEntity &)CubitEntity [private]
entity_name() const =0CubitEntity [pure virtual]
entity_type_info() const =0CubitEntity [pure virtual]
entityIdCubitEntity [protected]
id() const CubitEntity [virtual]
is_transparent(int flag)CubitEntity [virtual]
is_transparent() const CubitEntity [virtual]
is_visible(int flag)CubitEntity [virtual]
is_visible() const CubitEntity [virtual]
operator=(const CubitEntity &)CubitEntity [private]
set_id(int i)CubitEntity [virtual]
~CubitEntity()CubitEntity [virtual]
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