DagType Member List
This is the complete list of members for DagType, including all inherited members.
BasicTopologyEntity_TYPE enum valueDagType
body_type()DagType [inline, static]
chain_type()DagType [inline, static]
co_edge_type()DagType [inline, static]
co_face_type()DagType [inline, static]
co_vertex_type()DagType [inline, static]
co_volume_type()DagType [inline, static]
DagType()DagType [inline]
DagType(int dimensionIn, FunctionalType func)DagType [inline]
DagType(int value)DagType [inline, explicit, private]
dimension() const DagType [inline]
functional_type() const DagType [inline]
FunctionalType enum nameDagType
GroupingEntity_TYPE enum valueDagType
intTypeDagType [private]
invalid_type()DagType [inline, static]
is_valid() const DagType [inline]
loop_type()DagType [inline, static]
operator bool() const DagType [inline]
operator!=(DagType other) const DagType [inline]
operator+(int i) const DagType [inline]
operator++()DagType [inline]
operator++(int)DagType [inline]
operator+=(int i)DagType [inline]
operator-(int i) const DagType [inline]
operator-(DagType other) const DagType [inline]
operator--()DagType [inline]
operator--(int)DagType [inline]
operator-=(int i)DagType [inline]
operator<(DagType other) const DagType [inline]
operator<=(DagType other) const DagType [inline]
operator==(DagType other) const DagType [inline]
operator>(DagType other) const DagType [inline]
operator>=(DagType other) const DagType [inline]
parent() const DagType [inline]
ref_edge_type()DagType [inline, static]
ref_face_type()DagType [inline, static]
ref_vertex_type()DagType [inline, static]
ref_volume_type()DagType [inline, static]
SenseEntity_TYPE enum valueDagType
shell_type()DagType [inline, static]
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