FBDataUtil Member List
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add_unique_point(DLIList< CubitVector > &points, const CubitVector &pt)FBDataUtil [private, static]
closest_seg_seg_dist(double *p0, double *d0, double *p1, double *d1, double *s, double *t, double *sunclipped, double *tunclipped, bool *parallel)FBDataUtil [static]
FBmake_cylinder(std::vector< double > &verts, std::vector< int > &coords, double radius, double length, int nr, int nz)FBDataUtil [static]
FBmake_xy_plane(std::vector< double > &verts, std::vector< int > &coords, double xsize, double ysize, int numx, int numy)FBDataUtil [static]
intersect_plane_with_boundingbox(CubitBox &bbox, const CubitVector &v0, const CubitVector &v1, const CubitVector &v2, DLIList< CubitVector > &intersection_points)FBDataUtil [static]
makeahashvaluefrom_coord(double x, double y, double z, int numhashbins)FBDataUtil [static]
project_point_to_plane(double *point, double a, double b, double c, double d, double *projected_pt)FBDataUtil [static]
rotate_FB_object(std::vector< double > &verts, CubitVector &NormalDir, CubitVector &CenterPt)FBDataUtil [static]
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