PST_Edge Member List
This is the complete list of members for PST_Edge, including all inherited members.
closest_on_edge(const CubitVector &pos)PST_Edge
closest_on_line(const CubitVector &pos)PST_Edge
closest_on_line(const CubitVector &base, const CubitVector &direction)PST_Edge
coedge(PST_Face *face)PST_Edge [inline]
common_face(PST_Edge *edge)PST_Edge [inline]
common_point(PST_Edge *edge)PST_Edge [inline]
create_face(PST_Point *p1, PST_Point *p2, PST_Point *p3)PST_Edge [static]
debug_draw(int color=1, bool flush=true)PST_Edge
debug_draw_edges(DLIList< PST_Edge * > &list, int color, int bcolor=0, bool flush=true)PST_Edge [static]
debug_draw_faces(DLIList< PST_Edge * > &list, int color, bool flush=true)PST_Edge [static]
debug_draw_points(DLIList< PST_Edge * > &list, int color, int bcolor=0, bool flush=true)PST_Edge [static]
direction()PST_Edge [inline]
edges(DLIList< PST_Face * > &faces, DLIList< PST_Edge * > &edges)PST_Edge [static]
edges(DLIList< PST_Point * > &pts, DLIList< PST_Edge * > &edges)PST_Edge [static]
end_PST_Edge [private]
end_coord()PST_Edge [inline]
end_next_PST_Edge [private]
end_point()PST_Edge [inline]
faces(DLIList< PST_Edge * > &edges, DLIList< PST_Face * > &faces)PST_Edge [static]
forward()PST_Edge [inline]
forward_PST_Edge [private]
insert_in_face(PST_Point *end, PST_CoEdge *after_this)PST_Edge [static]
make_facets(GMem &gmem, double tolerance, DLIList< PST_Edge * > &edges)PST_Edge [static]
make_facets(const std::vector< double > &coordinates, const std::vector< int > &connections, double tolerance, DLIList< PST_Edge * > &edge_list)PST_Edge [static]
make_gmem(GMem &gmem, DLIList< PST_Face * > &facets)PST_Edge [static]
make_gmem(GMem &gmem, DLIList< PST_Edge * > &edges)PST_Edge [static]
next(PST_Point *pt)PST_Edge [inline]
other(PST_Point *pt)PST_Edge [inline]
other(PST_CoEdge *coedge)PST_Edge [inline]
other(PST_Face *face)PST_Edge [inline]
other(PST_Point *point, PST_Face *face)PST_Edge
owner() const PST_Entity [inline]
owner(PST_EntityOwner *)PST_Entity [inline]
points(DLIList< PST_Edge * > &edges, DLIList< PST_Point * > &pts)PST_Edge [static]
position(double t)PST_Edge [inline]
private_mark_PST_Edge [private]
PST_Edge(PST_Point *start_pt, PST_Point *end_pt)PST_Edge [inline]
PST_Entity()PST_Entity [inline, protected]
remove_end_point()PST_Edge [inline, private]
remove_point(PST_Point *&ptr, PST_Edge *&next)PST_Edge [private]
remove_start_point()PST_Edge [inline, private]
reverse()PST_Edge [inline]
reverse_PST_Edge [private]
sense(PST_Face *face)PST_Edge [inline]
sense(PST_CoEdge *coedge)PST_Edge [inline]
set_end_point(PST_Point *pt)PST_Edge [inline, private]
set_point(PST_Point *pt, PST_Point *&ptr, PST_Edge *&next)PST_Edge [private]
set_start_point(PST_Point *pt)PST_Edge [inline, private]
split(PST_Point *point)PST_Edge
split_face(PST_Point *start, PST_Point *end, PST_Face *hint=0)PST_Edge [static]
split_face(PST_CoEdge *after_coedge_1, PST_CoEdge *after_coedge_2)PST_Edge [static]
start_PST_Edge [private]
start_coord()PST_Edge [inline]
start_next_PST_Edge [private]
start_point()PST_Edge [inline]
validate(DLIList< PST_Edge * > &edges, CubitBoolean print=CUBIT_FALSE)PST_Edge [static]
validate(CubitBoolean print=CUBIT_FALSE)PST_Edge
~PST_Entity()=0PST_Entity [protected, pure virtual]
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