MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
PartMap Member List
This is the complete list of members for PartMap, including all inherited members.
build_map(iMesh_Instance imesh, iMeshP_PartitionHandle partition, int num_expected_parts)PartMap
count_from_rank(int rank) const PartMap [inline]
get_parts() const PartMap [inline]
get_ranks() const PartMap [inline]
idx_from_local_id(int id) const PartMap [inline, private]
idx_from_part_id(iMeshP_Part id) const PartMap [inline, private]
local_id_from_part_id(iMeshP_Part part) const PartMap [inline]
local_id_from_rank(int rank, std::vector< int > &ids) const PartMap
localIdReverseMapPartMap [private]
num_parts() const PartMap [inline]
part_from_coords(iMesh_Instance imesh, iMeshP_PartHandle part, int &id_out)PartMap [static]
part_id_from_local_id(int local_id) const PartMap [inline]
part_id_from_rank(int rank, std::vector< iMeshP_Part > &parts) const PartMap
partLocalIdsPartMap [private]
partRanksPartMap [private]
rank_from_local_id(int id) const PartMap [inline]
rank_from_part_id(iMeshP_Part part) const PartMap [inline]
sortedPartListPartMap [private]
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