MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
moab::type_equals Class Reference

#include <Interface.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 type_equals (Interface *mdb, const EntityType type)
bool operator() (EntityHandle handle) const
 operator predicate

Public Attributes

 interface object
const EntityType test_type
 type corresponding to this predicate

Private Types

typedef EntityHandle argument_type
typedef bool result_type

Detailed Description

predicate for STL algorithms. Returns true if the entity handle is of the specified type. For example, to remove all the tris out of a list of 2D entities retrieved using get_adjacencies you could do std::remove_if(list.begin(), list.end(), type_equals(gMB, MBTRI));

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Member Typedef Documentation

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typedef bool moab::type_equals::result_type [private]

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

moab::type_equals::type_equals ( Interface mdb,
const EntityType  type 
) [inline]


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: meshDB( mdb ), test_type( type ) {}

Member Function Documentation

bool moab::type_equals::operator() ( EntityHandle  handle) const [inline]

operator predicate

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        return ( meshDB->type_from_handle( handle ) == test_type );

Member Data Documentation

interface object

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const EntityType moab::type_equals::test_type

type corresponding to this predicate

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