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moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::Op Class Reference

Implement this and pass instance to preorder_traverse. More...

#include <OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ErrorCode visit (EntityHandle node, int depth, bool &descend)=0
 Visit a node in the tree during a traversal.
virtual ErrorCode leaf (EntityHandle node)=0
 Process a leaf node during tree traversal.
virtual ~Op ()

Detailed Description

Implement this and pass instance to preorder_traverse.

This interface may be implemented and an instance passed to preorder_traverse to define some operation to do when traversing the tree.

Definition at line 492 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 47 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.cpp.


Member Function Documentation

virtual ErrorCode moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::Op::visit ( EntityHandle  node,
int  depth,
bool &  descend 
) [pure virtual]

Visit a node in the tree during a traversal.

This method is called for each node in the tree visited during a pre-order traversal.

nodeThe EntityHandle for the entity set for the tree node.
depthThe current depth in the tree.
descendOutput: if false, traversal will skip children of the current node, or if the current node is a leaf, the 'leaf' method will not be called.

Implemented in moab::TreeNodePrinter, moab::TreeLayoutPrinter, moab::RayIntersectSets, moab::RayIntersector, VtkWriter, CubitWriter, LeafHexer, VtxTagger, TriTagger, TreeValidator, TriStats, and TriCounter.

Referenced by moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::preorder_traverse().

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