MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::TrvStats Class Reference

Traversal statistics structure. More...

#include <OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp>

Public Member Functions

const std::vector< unsigned > & nodes_visited () const
const std::vector< unsigned > & leaves_visited () const
 return counts of tree leaves visited, indexed by tree depth
const std::vector< unsigned > & traversals_ended () const
 return counts of traversals ended, indexed by tree depth
unsigned int ray_tri_tests () const
void reset ()
 reset all counters on this structure
void print (std::ostream &str) const
 print the contents of this structure to given stream
 TrvStats ()

Private Member Functions

void increment (unsigned depth)
void increment_leaf (unsigned depth)
void end_traversal (unsigned depth)

Private Attributes

std::vector< unsigned > nodes_visited_count
std::vector< unsigned > leaves_visited_count
std::vector< unsigned > traversals_ended_count
unsigned int ray_tri_tests_count


class OrientedBoxTreeTool

Detailed Description

Traversal statistics structure.

Structure to accumulate statistics on traversal performance. Passed optionally to query functions, this structure contains the count of nodes visited at each level in a tree, and the count of traversals that ended at each level. One TrvStats structure can be used with multiple OBB trees or multiple queries, or used on only a single tree or a single query.

Note that these traversal statistics are not related to the stats() query below, which calculates static information about a tree. These statistics relate to a tree's dynamic behavior on particular operations.

Definition at line 151 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::TrvStats::end_traversal ( unsigned  depth) [private]

Definition at line 1695 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.cpp.

Referenced by moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::closest_to_location(), moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::preorder_traverse(), and moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::sphere_intersect_triangles().

    // assume safe depth, because increment is always called on a given
    // tree level first
    traversals_ended_count[depth] += 1;
void moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::TrvStats::increment_leaf ( unsigned  depth) [private]
const std::vector< unsigned >& moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::TrvStats::leaves_visited ( ) const [inline]

return counts of tree leaves visited, indexed by tree depth

Definition at line 161 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp.

References leaves_visited_count.

            return leaves_visited_count;
const std::vector< unsigned >& moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::TrvStats::nodes_visited ( ) const [inline]

return counts of nodes visited, indexed by tree depth. the counts include both leaves and interior nodes

Definition at line 156 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp.

References nodes_visited_count.

            return nodes_visited_count;
void moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::TrvStats::print ( std::ostream &  str) const

print the contents of this structure to given stream

Definition at line 1702 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.cpp.

References h1, and h4.

Referenced by do_closest_point_test(), do_ray_fire_test(), and main().


    const std::string h1 = "OBBTree Depth";
    const std::string h2 = " - NodesVisited";
    const std::string h3 = " - LeavesVisited";
    const std::string h4 = " - TraversalsEnded";

    str << h1 << h2 << h3 << h4 << std::endl;

    unsigned num_visited = 0, num_leaves = 0, num_traversals = 0;
    for( unsigned i = 0; i < traversals_ended_count.size(); ++i )

        num_visited += nodes_visited_count[i];
        num_leaves += leaves_visited_count[i];
        num_traversals += traversals_ended_count[i];

        str << std::setw( h1.length() ) << i << std::setw( h2.length() ) << nodes_visited_count[i]
            << std::setw( h3.length() ) << leaves_visited_count[i] << std::setw( h4.length() )
            << traversals_ended_count[i] << std::endl;

    str << std::setw( h1.length() ) << "---- Totals:" << std::setw( h2.length() ) << num_visited
        << std::setw( h3.length() ) << num_leaves << std::setw( h4.length() ) << num_traversals << std::endl;

    if( ray_tri_tests_count )
        str << std::setw( h1.length() ) << "---- Total ray-tri tests: " << ray_tri_tests_count << std::endl;
unsigned int moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::TrvStats::ray_tri_tests ( ) const [inline]

return total number of ray-triangle intersection tests performed in calls made with this TrvStats

Definition at line 172 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp.

References ray_tri_tests_count.

            return ray_tri_tests_count;
const std::vector< unsigned >& moab::OrientedBoxTreeTool::TrvStats::traversals_ended ( ) const [inline]

return counts of traversals ended, indexed by tree depth

Definition at line 166 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp.

References traversals_ended_count.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class OrientedBoxTreeTool [friend]

Definition at line 193 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 185 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp.

Referenced by leaves_visited(), and reset().

Definition at line 184 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp.

Referenced by nodes_visited(), and reset().

Definition at line 186 of file OrientedBoxTreeTool.hpp.

Referenced by reset(), and traversals_ended().

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