MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.0)
moab::AxisBox Member List
This is the complete list of members for moab::AxisBox, including all inherited members.
AxisBox()moab::AxisBox [inline]
AxisBox(const double *min, const double *max)moab::AxisBox [inline]
AxisBox(const double *point)moab::AxisBox [inline]
calculate(AxisBox &box_out, EntityHandle set, Interface *interface)moab::AxisBox [static]
calculate(AxisBox &box_out, const Range &elements, Interface *interface)moab::AxisBox [static]
center(double *center_out) const moab::AxisBox [inline]
closest_position_within_box(const double *input_position, double *output_position) const moab::AxisBox [inline]
diagonal(double *diagonal_out) const moab::AxisBox [inline]
get_tag(Tag &tag_handle_out, Interface *interface, const char *tag_name=0)moab::AxisBox [static]
intersects(const AxisBox &other, double tolerance) const moab::AxisBox [inline]
intersects(const double *point, double tolerance) const moab::AxisBox [inline]
maximum() const moab::AxisBox [inline]
maximum()moab::AxisBox [inline]
maxVectmoab::AxisBox [private]
minimum() const moab::AxisBox [inline]
minimum()moab::AxisBox [inline]
minVectmoab::AxisBox [private]
operator&=(const AxisBox &other)moab::AxisBox [inline]
operator|=(const AxisBox &other)moab::AxisBox [inline]
operator|=(const double *point)moab::AxisBox [inline]
valid() const moab::AxisBox [inline]
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