MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
moab::HomXform Member List
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HomCoord classmoab::HomXform [friend]
HomXform(const int matrix[16])moab::HomXform [inline]
HomXform()moab::HomXform [inline]
HomXform(const int rotate[9], const int scale[3], const int translate[3])moab::HomXform [inline]
HomXform(int i1, int i2, int i3, int i4, int i5, int i6, int i7, int i8, int i9, int i10, int i11, int i12, int i13, int i14, int i15, int i16)moab::HomXform [inline]
HomXform(HomXform const &from)moab::HomXform [inline]
IDENTITYmoab::HomXform [static]
inverse() const moab::HomXform [inline]
operator!=(const HomXform &rhs) const moab::HomXform [inline]
operator*(const HomXform &rhs2) const moab::HomXform [inline]
operator*=(const HomXform &rhs)moab::HomXform [inline]
operator=(const HomXform &rhs)moab::HomXform [inline]
operator==(const HomXform &rhs) const moab::HomXform [inline]
operator[](const int &count) const moab::HomXform [inline]
operator[](const int &count)moab::HomXform [inline]
three_pt_xform(const HomCoord &p1, const HomCoord &q1, const HomCoord &p2, const HomCoord &q2, const HomCoord &p3, const HomCoord &q3)moab::HomXform
xFormmoab::HomXform [private]
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