MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
moab::IntxUtils Member List
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area2D(double *a, double *b, double *c)moab::IntxUtils [inline, static]
borderPointsOfCSinRLL(CartVect *redc, double *red2dc, int nsRed, CartVect *bluec, int nsBlue, int *blueEdgeType, double *P, int *side, double epsil)moab::IntxUtils [static]
borderPointsOfXinY2(double *X, int nX, double *Y, int nY, double *P, int *side, double epsilon_area)moab::IntxUtils [static]
cart_to_spherical(CartVect &)moab::IntxUtils [static]
decide_gnomonic_plane(const CartVect &pos, int &oPlane)moab::IntxUtils [static]
deep_copy_set_with_quads(Interface *mb, EntityHandle source_set, EntityHandle dest_set)moab::IntxUtils [static]
dist2(double *a, double *b)moab::IntxUtils [inline, static]
distance_on_great_circle(CartVect &p1, CartVect &p2)moab::IntxUtils [static]
distance_on_sphere(double la1, double te1, double la2, double te2)moab::IntxUtils [static]
EdgeIntersections2(double *blue, int nsBlue, double *red, int nsRed, int *markb, int *markr, double *points, int &nPoints)moab::IntxUtils [static]
EdgeIntxRllCs(double *blue, CartVect *bluec, int *blueEdgeType, int nsBlue, double *red, CartVect *redc, int nsRed, int *markb, int *markr, int plane, double Radius, double *points, int &nPoints)moab::IntxUtils [static]
enforce_convexity(Interface *mb, EntityHandle set, int rank=0)moab::IntxUtils [static]
fix_degenerate_quads(Interface *mb, EntityHandle set)moab::IntxUtils [static]
global_gnomonic_projection(Interface *mb, EntityHandle inSet, double R, bool centers_only, EntityHandle &outSet)moab::IntxUtils [static]
gnomonic_projection(const CartVect &pos, double R, int plane, double &c1, double &c2)moab::IntxUtils [static]
gnomonic_unroll(double &c1, double &c2, double R, int plane)moab::IntxUtils [static]
intersect_great_circle_arc_with_clat_arc(double *A, double *B, double *C, double *D, double R, double *E, int &np)moab::IntxUtils [static]
intersect_great_circle_arcs(double *A, double *B, double *C, double *D, double R, double *E)moab::IntxUtils [static]
oriented_spherical_angle(double *A, double *B, double *C)moab::IntxUtils [static]
remove_duplicate_vertices(Interface *mb, EntityHandle file_set, double merge_tol, std::vector< Tag > &tagList)moab::IntxUtils [static]
remove_padded_vertices(Interface *mb, EntityHandle file_set, std::vector< Tag > &tagList)moab::IntxUtils [static]
reverse_gnomonic_projection(const double &c1, const double &c2, double R, int plane, CartVect &pos)moab::IntxUtils [static]
ScaleToRadius(Interface *mb, EntityHandle set, double R)moab::IntxUtils [static]
SortAndRemoveDoubles2(double *P, int &nP, double epsilon)moab::IntxUtils [static]
spherical_to_cart(SphereCoords &)moab::IntxUtils [static]
transform_coordinates(double *avg_position, int projection_type)moab::IntxUtils [static]
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