MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
moab::Matrix3 Member List
This is the complete list of members for moab::Matrix3, including all inherited members.
_matmoab::Matrix3 [private]
array()moab::Matrix3 [inline]
array() const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
col(int index) const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
colscale(int index, double scale)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
copycol(int index, Vector &vol)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
copyto(double v[Matrix3::size])moab::Matrix3 [inline]
determinant() const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
eigen_decomposition(Vector &evals, Matrix3 &evecs)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
inverse() const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
invert()moab::Matrix3 [inline]
is_positive_definite()moab::Matrix3 [inline]
is_symmetric()moab::Matrix3 [inline]
Matrix3()moab::Matrix3 [inline]
Matrix3(Eigen::Matrix3d mat)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
Matrix3(double diagonal)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
Matrix3(const CartVect &diagonal)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
Matrix3(const std::vector< double > &diagonal)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
Matrix3(double v00, double v01, double v02, double v10, double v11, double v12, double v20, double v21, double v22)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
Matrix3(const Matrix3 &f)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
Matrix3(const Vector &row0, const Vector &row1, const Vector &row2, const bool isRow)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
Matrix3(const double v[size])moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator()(unsigned r, unsigned c)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator()(unsigned r, unsigned c) const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator()(unsigned i)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator()(unsigned i) const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator*(const Matrix3 &a, const Matrix3 &b)moab::Matrix3 [friend]
operator*=(double s)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator*=(const Matrix3 &m)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator+(const Matrix3 &a, const Matrix3 &b)moab::Matrix3 [friend]
operator+=(const Matrix3 &m)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator-(const Matrix3 &a, const Matrix3 &b)moab::Matrix3 [friend]
operator-=(const Matrix3 &m)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator/=(double s)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator=(const Matrix3 &m)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator=(const double v[size])moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator[](unsigned i)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
operator[](unsigned i) const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
print(std::ostream &s) const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
row(int index) const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
rowscale(int index, double scale)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
sizemoab::Matrix3 [static]
subdet(int r, int c) const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
swapcol(int srcindex, int destindex)moab::Matrix3 [inline]
transpose() const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
transpose_inplace()moab::Matrix3 [inline]
vcol(int index) const moab::Matrix3 [inline]
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