MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
TagIterateC.cpp File Reference
#include "iMesh.h"
#include "iMesh_extensions.h"
#include <cstdio>
#include <cstring>
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#define CHKERR(e, m)


int main (int argc, char *argv[])

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#define CHKERR (   e,
if( iBase_SUCCESS != ( e ) ) \
    {                            \
        printf( m );             \
        return 1;                \

Definition at line 11 of file TagIterateC.cpp.

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int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Definition at line 18 of file TagIterateC.cpp.

References CHKERR, filename, iBase_DOUBLE, iBase_REGION, iMesh_ALL_TOPOLOGIES, iMesh_createTagWithOptions, iMesh_dtor, iMesh_getNumOfType, iMesh_getRootSet, iMesh_initEntArrIter, iMesh_load, iMesh_newMesh, iMesh_stepEntArrIter, iMesh_tagIterate, mesh, and root_set.

    iMesh_Instance mesh;
    iBase_EntitySetHandle root_set;
    int err;
    const char* filename;
    iBase_EntityArrIterator iter;
    iBase_TagHandle tagh;
    int count, atend;
    double* tag_data;
    int num_regions;

    if( argc == 2 )
        filename = argv[1];
        printf( "Usage: %s <mesh_filename>\n", argv[0] );
        return 0;

    /* initialize the Mesh */
    iMesh_newMesh( NULL, &mesh, &err, 0 );CHKERR( err, "Failed to create a mesh instance.\n" );
    iMesh_getRootSet( mesh, &root_set, &err );CHKERR( err, "Failed to return a root set.\n" );

    iMesh_load( mesh, root_set, filename, NULL, &err, strlen( filename ), 0 );

    /* get the number of regions in the mesh */
    iMesh_getNumOfType( mesh, root_set, iBase_REGION, &num_regions, &err );CHKERR( err, "Failed to get number of regions." );

    /* get an iterator to all regions in the model */
    iMesh_initEntArrIter( mesh, root_set, iBase_REGION, iMesh_ALL_TOPOLOGIES, num_regions, 0, &iter, &err );CHKERR( err, "Failed to create iterator over regions." );

    /* create a tag to put on the regions */
    iMesh_createTagWithOptions( mesh, "dumtag", "moab:TAG_STORAGE_TYPE=DENSE moab:TAG_DEFAULT_VALUE=0.0", 1,
                                iBase_DOUBLE, &tagh, &err, 6, 54 );CHKERR( err, "Failed to create a tag.\n" );

    atend = 0;

    while( !atend )

        /* get a pointer to that tag data; this will allocate tag storage if it isn't allocated yet
        iMesh_tagIterate( mesh, tagh, iter, &tag_data, &count, &err );CHKERR( err, "Failed to create a tag.\n" );

        /* step the iterator over count entities */
        iMesh_stepEntArrIter( mesh, iter, count, &atend, &err );CHKERR( err, "Failed to step iterator.\n" );

        /* operate on tag data, or store it for later */

    iMesh_dtor( mesh, &err );CHKERR( err, "Failed to destroy iMesh instance.\n" );

    return 0;
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