MOAB: Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.4.1)
HalfFacetRep.hpp File Reference
#include "moab/Core.hpp"
#include "moab/Range.hpp"
#include "moab/CN.hpp"
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class  moab::HalfFacetRep
struct  moab::HalfFacetRep::LocalMaps2D
 2D local maps More...
struct  moab::HalfFacetRep::LocalMaps3D
 3D local maps More...
struct  moab::HalfFacetRep::adj_matrix


namespace  moab

Class representing axis-aligned bounding box.


typedef EntityHandle moab::HFacet
 HalfFacetRep class implements the Array-Based Half-Facet(AHF) Mesh data structure on top of MOAB. \ It is based on a generalized notion of a half-facet derived from that a half-edge/half-face data structure for 2D/3D. \ The core construct of AHF are its two maps: sibling-half-facets(SIBHFS) and vertex-to-half-facet(V2HF) \ 1. SIBHFS: Maps every half-facet in the mesh to its sibling half-facets, \ 2. V2HF: Maps each vertex to an incident half-facet \ Using these two maps, a range of adjacency queries is performed. The maps are stored in dense tags over entities and vertices. \ \ Adjacency functions: \ 1. upward-incidence queries: vertex -> edge, edge -> faces, edge -> cells, face ->cells \ 2. neighborhood (same-dimensional) adjacency queries: edge -> edges, face -> faces, cell -> cells, etc. \ 3. downward adjacency queries: face -> edges, cell -> edges, etc. \ \ Mesh types supported: \ 1D(edges), 2D(triangles, quads), 3D(tet, pyramid, prism, hex), Mixed dimensional meshes \ \ CURRENTLY NOT SUPPORTED: \ 1. Meshes with mixed entity types of same dimension. Ex. a volume mesh with both tets and prisms. \ 2. create_if_missing = true \ 3. Modified meshes \.


enum  moab::MESHTYPE {
  moab::CURVE = 0, moab::SURFACE, moab::SURFACE_MIXED, moab::VOLUME,
 ENUM for the type of input mesh. More...
enum  {
  moab::MAX_VERTICES = 8, moab::MAX_EDGES = 12, moab::MAX_FACES = 6, moab::MAX_VERTS_HF = 4,
  moab::MAX_INCIDENT_HF = 4


const int moab::MAXSIZE = 200
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